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A possible scenario for volumetric display through nanoparticle suspensions

Enrique Canessa


We discuss on the potential of suspensions of gold nanoparticles with variable refractive index fol' the possible physical realization of in- relief virtual dynamic display of plane images. A reasoning approach for a vision system to display in real- time volumetric moving images is proposed based on well- known properties of optical media, namely the anomalous dispersion of light on certain transparent media and the virtual image formed by a refracting transparent surface. The system relies on creating mechanisms to modify the refractive index of in- reliefvirtual dynamical display (iVDD) bulbs that ideally would contain a suspension of gold nanoparticles each and that might be ordered in an array filling up a whole screen.

Palabras clave

Suspensiones de nanopartículas de oro; imágenes volumétricas

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Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Carrera 45 No 26-85 - Edificio Uriel Gutiérrez
Bogotá D.C. - Colombia