Vol 31, No 1 SUP (2011)

Special Issue - 150 Years UN Engineering Faculty

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Moisés Wasserman 3-4


From local cartography to international engineering networks: 150 years of history PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Antonio José Mejía Umaña, Marcelo Enrique Riveros Rojas 5-15
Colombian engineering’s evolution PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Carlos Sanclemente 16-20
The reference setting for engineering in Colombia PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Enrique Ramírez Romero 21-28

Faculty of Engineering - UN

The academic impact of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia’s Faculty of Engineering on the Bogota campus PDF(ES|EN) HTML (Español) HTML
Daniel Bogoya 29-39
The quality of engineering education is a key factor in development PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Julio César Cañón Rodríguez, Jaime Salazar Contreras 40-50

Faculty of Engineering S XXI

150 years constructing the nation through native ingenuity PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Diego Fernando Hernández Losada 51-55
Dynamic research groups: the case of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia’s Faculty of Engineering PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Sonia Esperanza Monroy Varela 56-62
Popularising and appropriating engineering knowledge: an opportunity for innovation PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Diana Cristina Ramírez Martínez, Oscar Fernando Castellanos Domínguez, Julio Mario Rodríguez Devis 63-73
The engineering faculty today: an approach towards consolidating academic indicators PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Hernán Cortés, Luis Gallego, Gerardo Rodríguez N. 74-90

Future of engineering

The Faculty of Engineering in 2030 PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Carlos A. Garzón G., Carlos E. Moreno M. 91-99
Major challenges in engineering and its role in society PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
José Ismael Peña-Reyes 100-111
A historical perspective regarding US public research universities PDF HTML
Arden L. Jr. Bement, Angela Phillips Diaz 112-120


Interviews held with engineers who have graduated from the Faculty of Engineering PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Antonio Mejía, Marcelo Riveros, Alberto Mayor 121-136


Reviews of engineering’s most notable milestones in Colombia PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Tomás Turriago, René Andrés Meziat Restrepo, Hernando Monroy Valencia, Augusto Ruiz Corredor 137-152
To purpose of the 150 years our Engineering Faculty PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Alonso Orduz Duarte 153-154

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